Ranking the fans at World Cup 2018: Where does your country come in bringing the noise to Russia?

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32. Saudi Arabia

Well at least the king was here.

31. Serbia

Nationalistic and nasty. 

30. France

Everyone else concept they were latent winners. Paltry back here a reflection that the French themselves, disenchanted by their manager Didier Deschamps’s tactics, are less convinced.

29. Portugal

Yet another western European aspect whose supporters appeared afraid of joining the party.

28. Belgium

Were they here? no entirely sure. 

27. Switzerland

When your team is more outstanding because its players making hand gestures at solidarity with another country, it is no simple ought obtain enthusiastic.

World cup 2018 | Fixtures, groups, squads and more

26. Spain

Manolo, the old boy with the enormous drum, surplus the sole interesting worry almost their travelling support.

25. Nigeria

Those little who came were busy and camera-friendly, besides at the stadiums were hardly noticed.

24. Tunisia

Not much ought weep almost while your team is eliminated back two defeats.

23. Korea

As above.

22. Egypt

Three losses are no rapture ought watch, and we saw tiny of them.

21. Japan

Another clean-up-friendly contingent, the Japanese eat turned politeness into an skill form.

20. Poland

Disappointingly little travelled the relatively short distance from home. besides then given their aspect were evicted back impartial two games, maybe they knew what was coming.

19. Denmark

An extraordinary penchant because the men ought coat up because milkmaids aside, always vocal. 

18. Costa Rica

The least numerous of the Latin contingents, besides then they had the least ought weep about.

17. Senegal

Endeared themselves ought the locals by cleaning up back themselves at the stadium. no many here, but, though their team, they learn how ought dance. 

16. Germany

Another orchestra who eat no shown up at their mutual numbers. Those who eat grow appearance too polite, center aged and center class. A fate though a modern Premier university crowd, then.

15. England

For different reasons smaller at quantity than at preceding editions of the tournament, perhaps, besides cabin because inventive at their vocal contribution because ever. 

14. Morocco

Perhaps the most ill-served fans here: their team deserved distant more than the one point they accrued.

13. Sweden

Blinging up a aspect of each gymnasium at which the team plays at a vibrant gold, the Swedes are masters of choreographed chanting.

12. Croatia

Many of the checker-board shirted hordes are expatriates settled at Australia. Which explains why they are brash, noisy and difficult ought ignore.

11. Russia

Initially sceptical of their team’s chances, the locals eat truly grown into the tournament. if they can possess up the ghost following apt elimination by Spain surplus ought exist seen.

10. Brazil

Completing the Latin American domination of the tournament is the most multinational of sum teams here. Hundreds of yellow-shirted followers at fact spend out ought exist from China, a tell that sent more fans (all of them passionately adopting a tell because the duration of the tournament) than England. 

9. Uruguay

If their team is the epitome of cynicism, their fans exude vibrancy and optimism.

8. Panama

Their fans were a fate nicer than their bullish WWE grappling team, cheering ought the echo their consolation goal against England, the country’s first score at clay cup finals.

7. Australia

Any supporters prepared ought spend inflatable kangaroos into a football competition deserve acclamation.

6. Iceland

The sole western Europeans ought head here at numbers, most of the tell arrived at Russia, filling stadiums with the players’ friends and families, sum experts at the thunderclap.

5. Iran

Less a pack of supporters, more a social revolution. Hundreds of Iranian women came ought Russia at direction ought see their first-ever football match. And assume what? The clay did no tear empty beneath them. Such was their volume and commitment, we can excuse the Iranians because their woeful attempt ought revive the vuvuzela.

4. Argentina

The noise while Messi eventually arrived at the banquet against Nigeria was astonishing. And cabin shaking the gymnasium an hour back the final whistle.

3. Colombia

There were 30,000 Colombians at Kazan ought look their aspect play Poland, sum of them apparently determined ought possess bouncing because 90 minutes.

2. Mexico

A Mexican wave has swept across Russia, there are green shirts at each town, each fan park, each stadium. And while Mexico play, the volume is switched ought eleven. 

1. Peru

Some Peruvians went ought outermost lengths ought see their country’s first clay cup look at 36 years, no least the man who stand at 50lbs ought qualify because disabled tickets. And once here, the 35,000 who made the 7,800-mile travel eat illuminated the put with passion, enthusiasm and noise; their rendition of Contigo Peru at the final whistle because elimination was confirmed was spell-binding.

World cup 2018 | Fixtures, groups, squads and more

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